NextEra SOAR

NextEra SOAR

SOAR is the emerging technology that makes security operations more
efficient by orchestrating and automating the tasks. This reduces the time
required to manage an incident.

Automate your Security Operations with
NextEra SOAR solution

NextEra SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation and Response) solution helps our customers to improve their security operations and incident
management activities by automating the workflows and accelerating the tasks with less human interference. With NextEra SOAR solution,
Analysts can save time doing repetitive tasks, enhance productivity and take quicker decisions as part of their daily routine.
NextEra SOAR Solution integrates with Micro Focus ArcSight (SIEM) seamlessly in the console itself,
which helps to Analyst to carry out its work as usual through single console functionality.

Integrated Console

Our solution comes with seamless integration with Micro Focus ArcSight SIEM module. With this integration, you don’t need any third-party tool to understand our solution

No Restriction

NextEra provides flexible bundling feature to the customers. There is NO limitation on the number of Analysts, number of playbooks as well as number of integrations

Easy Triage

Very easy to use tool using ArcSight console where Enrichment, Validation and Smart Response is already incorporated

Automated Reputation Check

Avail quick and accurate result of the security incident with the help of automated reputation checks. NextEra provides customer with 20+ automated reputation checks out of the box

Intelligent Decision Support System

With built in intelligent decision support system, MTTR can be decreased by ignoring IP, user, or domain-based access..

How NextEra SOAR helps you

Many organizations are currently operating on traditional SIEM for their Security operations. But due to large volume of alerts and incidents, it becomes difficult for security team to handle each event manually before it becomes dangerous. Looking at the present challenges of security operations, many organizations are preferring to switch from traditional technologies to SOAR technology.

Therefore, by studying these needs we are providing customers a solution that can help customers to standardize their security operations using orchestration and automation. We at Sattrix, provide customers a SOAR solution that comes with integrated Micro Focus ArcSight SIEM. With Micro Focus operation and orchestration portfolio of ITOM, our solution provides automation, orchestration and response mechanism to the customers. With the help of built in intelligence for security triage, analysts can save time and make quick decisions thus handling the task automatically instead of manually.

Ease of Integration

Ease of Integration

The NextEra SOAR solution comes with default integrations:

  • 50+ out of the box integration
  • Integration available on the fly
  • Post deployment support for integration

Playbook Development

Easy to develop playbook using Micro Focus Operations Orchestration technology:

  • Easy-to-use workflow designer
  • Open and extensible platform
  • Pre-defined intelligent content
  • Secure content and integrations

Smart Remediation

Integrated console for SOAR makes it easier to work with:

  • NextEra SOAR integrates with ArcSight console
  • Bifurcated action types for ease of understanding
  • Validation, Enrichment and Action groups
  • Work as usual – no new console to learn

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